Operating devices like a cell phone or tablet can be fairly self-explanatory to the average person. However, strip the touch screen and you’re left with a box of complex components you know nothing about. Now, imagine the complexity of your smartphone scaled to the size of three refrigerators, plus additional functions and tools attached to it. Just imagine the convolution.

Similarly, someone who possesses the skills and knowledge to operate that kind of hardware is a machinist. This is an individual who has acquired extensive training in the sector of machinery. Any manufacturing company will have one or a few who are in charge of operating and maintaining substantial machines in a warehouse or factory. This person for us is Justin. He is the official Production Manager at Autoline Industries’ headquarters in Mesa, Arizona. Production Manager

Furthermore, there are many factors that go into the manufacturing process. It takes a great deal of attention and dedication to ensure everything runs smoothly and accurately. Certainly, it is up to Justin to ensure that the “show” runs fluidly with minimal to no hiccups. In other words, a lack of precision in his position could result in a number of detrimental ways. However, our production manager has demonstrated a studious work ethic for over six years with the company. His passion for machining has translated through his dedication to Autoline’s mission of producing quality products for every customer.

“Our production manager has demonstrated a studious work ethic for over six years with the company.”


Prior to working at Autoline, Justin had long established a strong interest in machines. He grew up in Mesa, Arizona where his dad exposed him to the automotive world at a young age. Directly after graduating from high school, he started working at McFarland Machine & Engineering LLC. After five years , he joined the Autoline team, full-time as a programmer. Gradually, he worked his way up to the production manager position.

Today, he oversees the entire operations floor. On a normal shift, he begins by reading through paper work to ensure the accuracy of production information and policy conduction. The remainder of the day is spent overseeing a number of responsibilities. This includes: seeing that programs are functioning properly, there are enough material, set ups are organized, machinists are productive, and that work is moving according to schedule. In addition to his work here, Justin also manages operations at Quentin Defense in Gilbert. There, he manages the shop where they manufacture firearms and suppressor parts.

In conjunction with his 11-year career in machinery, Justin is also a certified aircraft pilot. In his spare time, he enjoys flying his general aviation aircraft. He is currently working on his instrument flight rating.

“It requires consistent patience, attention, practice…”


When asked what interesting fact about CNC machining might an average person not know, he shared that the process always takes longer than expected. Most people don’t realize the extent to which it takes to produce something through machining. The trade requires various abilities and skills which include patience, attention and practice. Moreover, it helps tremendously to have a basic interest or passion for the profession, much like Justin.