What is Cryptocurrency?


Autoline Industries supports cryptocurrency through our distribution and third-party logistics services. Cryptocurrency is a digital based medium of exchange that uses cryptographic functions to conduct financial transactions. Through blockchain technology, it achieves decentralization, transparency, and immutability. Simplified, cryptocurrency can be compared to casino chips or arcade tokens. It’s form of payment, like the U.S. dollar and can be used to buy goods and services. But, unlike fiat money, it’s digital and uses encryption techniques to control the creation of monetary units and to verify funds that are transferred. Unique to cryptocurrency are the following:  

  • It is decentralized which means that supply is not determined by a central bank.  
  • It has no physical form like a dollar bill or coin, and only exists in the network. 
  • It has no essential value, meaning it can’t be traded and it is not redeemable for another commodity such as gold. 
  • It is nearly impossible to counterfeit or double spend. 

The term cryptocurrency is derived from the encryption techniques used to secure the network. They function using blockchain, a decentralized technology spread across many computers that manages and records transactions with immense security. Without blockchain, cryptocurrency would cease to exist.  In simplified terms, the “block” is the digital information, and the “chain” is the public database in which it is stored. They are like a spreadsheet containing information regarding a transaction. Every transaction generates a hash, which is a unique string of letters and numbers created by special algorithms to distinguish one block from another. The computers (also known as nodes) in the network will inspect the transaction and either confirm or reject it. If most of the computers approve the transaction, it is written into a block that joins the chain. Once the new block is added to the blockchain, it becomes public information for anyone to view.   

Several popular blockchain-based cryptocurrencies include: Ethereum, Litecoin, and NEO. But the first and most recognized digital currency is BitcoinAn anonymous entity named Satoshi Nakamoto developed Bitcoin in 2008. According to Coinmarketcap.com, there are now thousands of different ones being traded publicly, but Bitcoin remains the single most well-known cryptocurrency to date. So, what is it exactly? Simplified, Bitcoin is similar to a computer file that is stored in a ‘digital wallet’ app on either a smartphone or computer. You can transfer Bitcoins to your wallet or to other people like you can with real money. However, unlike money you send through your bank or a digital payment service, the transfer goes to a network of computers which confirm your transaction (as explained above). Moreover, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are created through a process called mining. This is not the same as mining for gold. This process involves powerful computers solving complicated problems.   


Miners are a crucial tool for cryptocurrencies. Without them, transactions would not be verified, and users would not be able to make payments. Miners like Canaan Avalon 1066 and 1047 are remarkable, sophisticated machines designed to mine blocks. Their roles are to secure the network and process every Bitcoin transaction.  

For some, the paper dollar is outdated. Cryptocurrency has emerged as the more progressive and secure medium of exchange, though many people have yet to fully convert to the digital eco-system. Nonetheless, since its inception, the debate to shift to cryptocurrency has advanced. Some of the arguments for the digital dollar and against traditional government-based money include:  


  • Overturn corruption: through traditional government-based money, we are giving all our power to one centralized entity to control how it is used and moved. It aims to resolve the issue of absolute power by dispensing power among many people rather than one.  
  • Eliminate extreme money printing. 
  • Return absolute powerAll assets are transferred to the government when you die without having a legal will in place or having owned a business. With cryptocurrencies, you and only you have access to your funds.  
  • Eliminate the middlemanWhenever you make a payment or transfer, the middleman (your bank or digital payment service) will take a cut. With cryptocurrencies, all the network members in the blockchain are the middleman.  
  • Serve the unbanked:  A large sector of the world has no access to payment systems like banks. With cryptocurrency, the spread of digital commerce around the globe will enable anyone with a mobile phone to begin making payments. 

Globally, the economy continues to move toward a digital eco-system. Everything from money transfers to investments, the world is going paperless. Cryptocurrency has become the most promising addition to the digital payment sector. Autoline Industries is proud to be a part of the economic progression by providing state-of-the-art miners for mining Bitcoin cryptocurrencies.  


Arrival of the Makino A61

Passing through the warehouse
Delivery diver begins to loosen straps for Makino A61 Machine
The Makino A61 machine arriving to the Autoline Warehouse. The delivery man loosens the straps
40-feet semi truck with Makino A61 machine still strapped to it
The Autoline Production Manager assists in unstrapping the machine from the truck














Joining the impressive collection of CNC machines at the Autoline Industries warehouse is the Makino A61. On August 18th , the massive machine arrived at its new home on a large 40 foot semi-truck. Firstly, in a temperature of 109 degrees, our Production Manager along with the truck driver worked carefully to unstrap the giant machine buckle by buckleOnce the forklift arrived, the entryway of the warehouse was cleared to make way for the A61. As some of our team members awaited its entrance from inside, the anticipation grew, but the process to remove it was both lengthy and climactic. The Makino machine was hauled off in three parts, each section slowly forklifted off the truck and directed in by the delivery crew. As it made its way to its official home, several of us stood by capturing the moments with our phone and cameras.  

Autoline Warehouse- U.S. based
Slowly making its way in through the warehouse

Furthermore, the Makino A61 officially takes the title as the largest machine in the warehouse. It is a horizontal machining 4-axis giant that takes part productivity, precision and reliability to the next level. Additionally, it offers robust casting design and features a 14,000-rpm high-speed, high-power spindle with 303 Nm of torque. Unlike the other machines, the A61 primarily serves to create horizontal designs. Moreover, our engineers project a 1-2-week time frame to completely program and set up the CNC machining center before it is ready for use.  

Forklifting it in
Forklifting the machine in
Makino Logo #1 sign
Makino Milling Machine Co., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan
The A61 Logo
Horizontal machining center
Full body view
The machine features 14,000-rpm high-speed
Wiring and hoses
High-power spindle features 303 Nm of torque



3PLs, or Third-Party Logistics, Explained

3PL Service - Warehousing and Shipping

What is third-party logistics?  

The origin of the name ‘Third-Party Logistics’ is unspecified; however, companies have been outsourcing to them since the 1970s. By the 90’s and 2000’s, 3PLs began expanding their services due to the introduction and growth of eCommerce.  Today, many companies use 3PLs. However, for a company to outsource, they must first be large enough to warrant a 3PL. If your company plans on outsourcing, it is essential that you have an adept understanding of what it is prior to investing. 

Third-party logistics, also known as 3PLs, are purchased professional services that help businesses execute logistic services. 3PLs involve the outsourcing of eCommerce logistics processes such as, warehousing, inventory management, transportation, global shipping, information technology and fulfillmentOn the most basic level, their services support all aspects of shipping operations and are typically integrated into a company’s warehousing and transportation procedures in order to help a business succeed.  

3PLS are an underlying service provider that usually focus on discrete functions of business supply chain operations. The amount of help and services you choose to accept may depend on the needs of your growing company, but ultimately their involvement is decided by you. They can provide one service or multiple services that cover your supply chain.  

The goal of a 3PL is to generate supply chain efficiency. Leading 3PLs will go above and beyond to enhance a company’s operational, financial and end customer performance. By providing services such as industry forecasting, outsourcing can save a company a great deal of time and money. They are essential in executing productive operations for a company without causing them to lose money.  

As previously mentioned, the major functions of a 3PL include: Information Technology, Global Shipping, and Transportation.  

Information technology is used to manage warehouse operations, eCommerce, customer relationships, and transportation. Application programming and cloud-based systems are essential tools utilized by 3PLs to retrieve, analyze and distribute vital data. These tools provide increased visibility to the process of a supply chain and ensure the fine conditions of shipments in transit. 

Global shipping is service 3PLS oversee to ensure that all requirements of trade compliance are met, budgets are controlled, and plans are properly executed.  

When it comes to transportation, 3PLs manage carriers, insurance, private fleets and can even lower transportation costs for a company. Because transportation is an essential part of the supply chain operations, 3PLs aim to develop solutions for complex challenges and drive efficiency to ensure a successful execution of business plans. 

Autoline Industries has two impressive warehouse facilities in both the United States and Hong Kong. Our team supplies, markets and distributes the highest quality products across a variety of industries around the world. Autoline Industries is equipped to warehouse and ship products on behalf of companies while keeping them up to date every step of the way. Our services include warehousing products, fulfilling orders, forwarding, freight, Southbound forwarding, and Northbound forwarding. If you have any questions regarding third party logistics, or to discover if these services are right for you, feel free to contact us online or by phone at 480-829-8100

Manufacturing and Distribution company, Autoline Industries, Expands Operations to Distribute Face Masks During Pandemic

Disposable Face Mask Distribution

Manufacturing and Distribution company, Autoline Industries, Expands Operations to Distribute Face Masks During Pandemic

MESA, Ariz. (May 5, 2020) – Autoline Industries, a manufacturing and distribution company specializing in aftermarket automotive performance parts and mil-spec components for defense, aerospace and commercial industries, has recently expanded their operations to provide necessary personal protective equipment during the 2019-nCoV outbreak.

Headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, the Autoline team had been closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak after first learning about it in late December 2019. Realizing that the situation was getting progressively worse, President and Founder, Nick Jackson, pulled his team together to discuss how they could help their communities combat the spread of the virus.

Team members unanimously decided to pool their existing resources and relationships to begin manufacturing and distributing face masks and face shields to address the shortage under a new brand, “Huuman”.

The collection of team members that went to work on Huuman understood the value that personal protective equipment could serve early on and made it their goal to supply their communities with the resources necessary to slow the spread of the virus. They began by distributing Disposable Face Masks and KN95 Respirators, a temporary approved alternative to the N95, to local healthcare facilities, business and individuals. By making the masks available to the general public, retail sales were able to better protect individuals when social distancing was not an option, as well as drive the company’s ability to donate to those in dire need of PPE but otherwise lacking access. A portion of all proceeds has gone to donations, with over 3500 masks distributed over the past two weeks to local non-profits such as A New Leaf and Christian Care, as well as communities in need, like the Navajo Nation.

Huuman also utilized 3D Printers and the engineering team at Autoline to begin creating Face Shields for hospitals on a donation basis only. The completely transparent face shields offer high quality, distortion free protection of the eyes, nose and mouth by reducing exposure to aerosols, blood, bodily fluids and other splashes or sprays. Although designed to cover the full face, from eyebrows to chin, the face shields are recommended to be used in conjunction with other protective equipment.

Due to current events and following guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization, Huuman has prioritized providing in demand face masks. However, the team is committed to development is actively seeking new ways to support the ongoing efforts against COVID-19. For additional information, product details, and donation inquiries, please visit huumangear.com


About Autoline Industries

Headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, Autoline Industries is an innovative manufacturing and assembly company specializing in aftermarket automotive performance parts and mil-spec components for defense, aerospace and commercial industries. Autoline Industries has been locally owned and operated and proudly serving a multitude of industries across the greater southwest region since its founding in 2003.

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