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Essential Safety Tips

  Every machine shop must adhere to a group of safety regulations and guidelines; primarily for the safety of the machinist, and second, for the sake of the business. Here at
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Press Release 4/21/2021

      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     AUTOLINE INDUSTRIES TO OFFER BITCOIN AS ALTERNATIVE OPTION TO PAY EMPLOYEES  Among the Few Businesses in Mesa, Arizona Implementing Cryptocurrency wages   MESA,
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photo collage. Top is old CNC machine and bottom is modern CNC machines.

Brief History of the CNC Machine

The Infamous CNC machine CNC machines have an extensive history. For centuries, technology has evolved tremendously and with every advancement, the machining industry has always been directly affected. At one
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Production manager

Meet our Production Manager

Operating devices like a cell phone or tablet can be fairly self-explanatory to the average person. However, strip the touch screen and you’re left with a box of complex components
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CNC Turning vs. CNC Milling- What is the Difference?

  Here at Autoline Industries we offer a wide array of services, including CNC Turning and CNC Milling. While most of our clients are already intimately aware of actions behind
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What is Cryptocurrency?

Autoline Industries supports cryptocurrency through our distribution and third-party logistics services. Cryptocurrency is a digital based medium of exchange that uses cryptographic functions to conduct financial transactions. Through blockchain technology, it achieves decentralization, transparency, and immutability. Simplified, cryptocurrency can be
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