Manufacturing and Distribution company, Autoline Industries, Expands Operations to Distribute Face Masks During Pandemic

MESA, Ariz. (May 5, 2020) – Autoline Industries, a manufacturing and distribution company specializing in aftermarket automotive performance parts and mil-spec components for defense, aerospace and commercial industries, has recently expanded their operations to provide necessary personal protective equipment during the 2019-nCoV outbreak.

Headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, the Autoline team had been closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak after first learning about it in late December 2019. Realizing that the situation was getting progressively worse, President and Founder, Nick Jackson, pulled his team together to discuss how they could help their communities combat the spread of the virus.

Team members unanimously decided to pool their existing resources and relationships to begin manufacturing and distributing face masks and face shields to address the shortage under a new brand, “Huuman”.

The collection of team members that went to work on Huuman understood the value that personal protective equipment could serve early on and made it their goal to supply their communities with the resources necessary to slow the spread of the virus. They began by distributing Disposable Face Masks and KN95 Respirators, a temporary approved alternative to the N95, to local healthcare facilities, business and individuals. By making the masks available to the general public, retail sales were able to better protect individuals when social distancing was not an option, as well as drive the company’s ability to donate to those in dire need of PPE but otherwise lacking access. A portion of all proceeds has gone to donations, with over 3500 masks distributed over the past two weeks to local non-profits such as A New Leaf and Christian Care, as well as communities in need, like the Navajo Nation.

Huuman also utilized 3D Printers and the engineering team at Autoline to begin creating Face Shields for hospitals on a donation basis only. The completely transparent face shields offer high quality, distortion free protection of the eyes, nose and mouth by reducing exposure to aerosols, blood, bodily fluids and other splashes or sprays. Although designed to cover the full face, from eyebrows to chin, the face shields are recommended to be used in conjunction with other protective equipment.

Due to current events and following guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization, Huuman has prioritized providing in demand face masks. However, the team is committed to development is actively seeking new ways to support the ongoing efforts against COVID-19. For additional information, product details, and donation inquiries, please visit


About Autoline Industries

Headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, Autoline Industries is an innovative manufacturing and assembly company specializing in aftermarket automotive performance parts and mil-spec components for defense, aerospace and commercial industries. Autoline Industries has been locally owned and operated and proudly serving a multitude of industries across the greater southwest region since its founding in 2003.

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