Delivery diver begins to loosen straps for Makino A61 Machine
The Makino A61 machine arriving to the Autoline Warehouse. The delivery man loosens the straps
40-feet semi truck with Makino A61 machine still strapped to it
The Autoline Production Manager assists in unstrapping the machine from the truck














Joining the impressive collection of CNC machines at the Autoline Industries warehouse is the Makino A61. On August 18th , the massive machine arrived at its new home on a large 40 foot semi-truck. Firstly, in a temperature of 109 degrees, our Production Manager along with the truck driver worked carefully to unstrap the giant machine buckle by buckleOnce the forklift arrived, the entryway of the warehouse was cleared to make way for the A61. As some of our team members awaited its entrance from inside, the anticipation grew, but the process to remove it was both lengthy and climactic. The Makino machine was hauled off in three parts, each section slowly forklifted off the truck and directed in by the delivery crew. As it made its way to its official home, several of us stood by capturing the moments with our phone and cameras.  

Autoline Warehouse- U.S. based
Slowly making its way in through the warehouse

Furthermore, the Makino A61 officially takes the title as the largest machine in the warehouse. It is a horizontal machining 4-axis giant that takes part productivity, precision and reliability to the next level. Additionally, it offers robust casting design and features a 14,000-rpm high-speed, high-power spindle with 303 Nm of torque. Unlike the other machines, the A61 primarily serves to create horizontal designs. Moreover, our engineers project a 1-2-week time frame to completely program and set up the CNC machining center before it is ready for use.  

Forklifting it in
Forklifting the machine in
Makino Logo #1 sign
Makino Milling Machine Co., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan
The A61 Logo
Horizontal machining center
Full body view
The machine features 14,000-rpm high-speed
Wiring and hoses
High-power spindle features 303 Nm of torque