The Infamous CNC machine

CNC machines have an extensive history. For centuries, technology has evolved tremendously and with every advancement, the machining industry has always been directly affected. At one point in time, manual machining was the only way to manufacture certain products. However, after the discovery of automation technology, the world came to embrace CNC machining. Though traditional machining methods paved the way for modern manufacturing, it no longer stands a chance as the premier choice for high quality production. Since it’s inception, the CNC machine has made strides in the industry. The benefits include a quicker production time, boost in production volume, and an increase in safety. The most notable benefit is the precise and detailed machining.

Automated machining precision has permitted a small margin for error, almost completely eliminating human inaccuracy. Furthermore, the device that would require a punch tape method is now an automated powerhouse dominating the machining industry. Today, modern CNC machines are software driven, more dynamic and faster than their original NC counterparts. Here’s a brief timeline of CNC machining. 

CNC history